What You Need to Know About Panic Attacks

When you are really afraid and you simply do not know what to do, the tendency is for you to panic. This usually happens especially when you are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. When a person experiences a surge of overwhelming emotions like fear and anxiety, a panic attack occurs. What usually happens is that your heart starts to pound and you are you having a hard time breathing.
Most often, it is as if you are going crazy call you feel like you are already dying. This is just one episode. When this continues and it is left untreated, this will result to a more serious problem like panic disorder or other serious health condition. When a person experiences panic disorder, he may end up withdrawing from the usual activity. So before things get worse, you need to get treatment and 6 for professional help. With the expertise of your doctor, you can find the most effective treatment that will reduce or remove the symptom.

What is a panic attack?

It usually happens without giving any warning. Anywhere you are, or anywhere you go and whatever you do, you may experience a panic event. In fact, there are people who have experienced them even while they are relaxing or sleep. It usually happens once. But with the triggering factors, there are a lot of people who may experience repeated ones. When this condition continues to record, is Rachel store more complicated health problems which is the panic disorder. Having a panic disorder does not mean that you can no longer be healthy and happy. In fact there are some people, who may still have a healthy and happy life even if we have experience 1 or 2 panic attacks. The only problem is when you are already suffering from panic disorder which may have severe symptoms and make you really anxious just about anything even if you are not in danger or in a stressful situation. For those who are suffering from panic disorder, they are actually different treatments and strategies that can help you to cope with the symptoms and to relieve them.

Signs and symptoms of panic disorders

A person suffering from this kind of disorder will experience different signs and symptoms. They usually occur even when you are far away from home and it happens out of the blue. Usually, it lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. When you have a one, you may experience hyperventilation or shortness of breath. Your heart starts to property and you start to feel chest pain. You also notice that your hands are trembling and you feel dizzy. One of the worst symptoms of having a panic disorder moment is that you feel like you are losing control or there is a big fear as if you’re dying or going crazy.
With all the signs and symptoms, many people are slightly confused as to whether it is a heart attack or a panic one. If you’re going to look at the symptoms of a panic disease, usually they are more physical but it can get worse so people think that they are experiencing a heart attack.
Signs and symptoms of panic disorder
A one or two episodes of panic at attack not something that you should be really worried about especially since there are treatments available that can cure or relieve the symptoms right away. However if you are already suffering from a panic disorder, the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing are much more severe and can result to further complications.

In fact a person who is suffering from a panic disorder, the tendency is to have big changes in their behavior which in turn affects their life and their relationship with people. How will you know if you are suffering from a panic disorder? The best thing that you will notice is that you are experiencing unexpected ones and it does not just happen once. You tend to worry too much about having another which results to your changing behavior. You end up avoiding places and you always say that you may have another panic event. One of the most common symptoms is that you avoid almost anything. This is a symptom wherein you start to avoid the environment or specific situation because you believe that this of course the previous panic-attack. This can result to a more serious problem which is known as the agoraphobia where you have a lot of stress and avoid different situations, people in even the usual places that you used to visit. People who are suffering from agoraphobia thing that the safest place for them is their home and that they cannot go anywhere without the company of a person they truly trust.

How do you cure panic disorder?

Depending on the diagnosis of your doctor, you may have to undergo medication or you may have to undergo a therapy. For medication, your doctor will prescribe you drugs that can control or relieve some of the symptoms. However, it is important to note that it does not resolve the entire problem. This is usually the prescription of the doctor in severe cases. Another effective treatment you can have is the cognitive behavioral therapy. This treatment enables you to learn the deep breathing and stress coping techniques for you to have a major lifestyle change and the change the negative thoughts and behavior. Although this is not the only treatment that you need but when combined with the right medication, you can avoid having to experience this and relieve your symptoms.